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Kila'Delphia, Who's Next? 

Directors:  Antwan Demarco, Chris Wilson, Kama Burton

Screenwriter:  DP Demarco Plays 

Genre:  Gospel Reality


The show is about three young men who must face the challenges of the inner-city streets of Kila'Delphia without the guidance of a father. Their choices in this dangerous city move the story forward as they struggle to survive.


"Kila'Delphia is not a city, but a state of mind."

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Dear Diary, He Beats Me Cause He Love ME? 

Directors:  Antwan Demarco, Kama Burton, Rashida Randle

Screenwriter:  Antwan Demarco

Genre:  Reailty


Dear Diary takes you into the world of six couples who battle different types of Abuse. Sexual, Emotional, Physical, Verbal and Financial Abuse. These couples take you on a emotional roller coaster in their respected worlds, in an effort to show viewers how they escape their domestic violence situations. 

Brenda's Gotta Baby?

Directors:  Antwan Demarco

Screenwriter:  Antwan Demarco

Genre:  Gospel Reality


A story about a 16 year old girl who was molested at an early age and grew up in a torn, drug invested household. Brenda battles the wounds of her past and has to overcome the challenges that face her as a young adult and the possibility of becoming a mother? 

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