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A broken heart, a daughter's revenge, and a deadly pursuit. A mother seeks retribution against her late-lover's son, risking lives in her relentless pursuit. Released from prison, fueled by anger and abandonment, the daughter hunts her mother while leaving destruction in her wake, demanding answers from the past and unraveling a web of secrets and lies of a scorned woman.


January 24th 2024
at the Scottish Rites Cathedral                                       Indianapolis, IN
Showtime: 7pm

January 25th 2024                                            Indianapolis, IN
at the Scottish Rites Cathedral
Showtime: 5pm

April 25th 2024                                                              Dallas, TX
at TBA  
Showtime: 7pm
May 24th 2024                       Glendale, CA
at the Alex Theatre                                                                                (Los Angeles Area)
Showtime: 2pm and 8pm

June 10, 2023                                                  Raleigh, NC
at the Duke Energy Center
Showtime: 8pm

June 24, 2023                                          Greensboro, NC
at the Steven Tanger Center for Performing Arts
Showtime: 8pm

June 25th 2023                                          Charlotte, NC
at the Ovens Auditorium 
Showtime: 3pm


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