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Where the gospel meets the streets and the reality meets the stagePublished:

Thursday, June 26, 2008 11:43 AM CDT

The stage is dim as three boys lay still on operating tables under red sheets. A mother draws near what she thinks to be her son — cold, lifeless and dead due to a senseless act of street crime.Each young boy’s life was snatched from him before it truly started as the three bodies, once full of life, are now but flesh and bone. One charred from burns, another fatally stabbed with the knife still in his body and the other shot in the head.To some this may just be a morgue scene on a stage set for the theater, but for others this is the day-to-day existence that illustrates their life on the streets. That is exactly what the creative minds of the play “Kila’Delphia” hope to do: bring depictions of reality to the stage, educate, help, heal, offer resources and inspire change through an alternative lifestyle.






















Her Lies His Secrets


Play brings reality of murder home Teen explore rage and violence in the local play ‘Kila’delphia’

By Janae HofflerTribune Staff Writer


Philadelphia’s reputation has earned it many monikers, among them the nickname “Killadelphia,” for the city’s one-per-day murder rate. However a local playwright whose reality stage play “Kila’Delphia-Who’s Next?” comes to West Philadelphia next week says Kila’Delphia is not a city, but a state of mind.Antwan Taylor, originally from Chicago, said the violence in Philadelphia is plaguing major urban cities across the country. He is taking the play to Chicago, Cleveland and cities in New Jersey with the hope of bringing healing to families and communities. “I love the rallies, I love the marches, I love the forums, but we need something that’s going to take place on an ongoing basis, something where young men can see a reflection of what they’re doing,”  


By Andrew Scott

Pocono Record WriterFebruary 20, 2007EAST STROUDSBURG —


Meet Jabari, a high school honor roll student, Xavier, a basketball player who cuts classes, and J'Mel, a trigger-happy drug dealer.Each has a different mother, but all three don't know they have the same father, whom they've never met because he's been in jail.Meet some of the people around them — a mother unable to control her rebellious teenage daughter, a homeless, drug-addicted prostitute and a girl who is raped, contracts HIV and then dies during an abortion procedure.

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