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This video has been deleted.



Heavy is the head that carries the crown. For Eastside drug dealer (Melle aka Jamelle White), power and greed fuel his determination to dethrone the man (JR) who’s taught him everything he knows about the street life. Eager to take over the Westside of Kila’Delphia, Jamelle has quickly surpassed his mentor in the number of soldiers on the streets. Giving him the manpower to implement his sinister plan.


One early fall night Jamelle’s plan takes a detour, when a 7 year old girl falls victim to a senseless act of violence. Facing the pressure of the community, church leaders and politicians, Jamelle is confronted with disloyal friends, familiar foes, and death to the ones closest to him. Is Jamelle willing to pay the hefty price to become the next king of the streets in Kila’Delphia? Or will he heed to the warnings and flee from his wicked ways and commit to the Gospel of Peace.


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