Jabarie - Young African American man. Early 20's.  College student. He's very outgoing and community driven. He has a big heart for his community and he plans to open a business in his community after graduating college. Big Smile and Full of Love! 

Xavier- African America male. (20's) Shy young man. Awkward and a loner. Always having to prove himself. The underdog. He's an amazing Athlete. Living in poverty. Mother is a recovering addict who's enrolled in school. He doesn't have the best attire.

Meechie- African American male. (late 20's) Husky/ muscle build (5'8-5'10) with braids/dreads Rapper by heart and hustler by trade.. He's an inspiring rapper, who’s always rapping with whack lyrics. He's passionate and his lyrics. He keep tooth pick in his mouth. He's the same person all the time. Low key dude.

Sepulveda- Latino or Bi-Racial/ Mixed young woman (in her late 20's early30's) Very beautiful to the eyes. Body is well put together. Very nice woman but afraid and timid when it comes to her man, JR. Afraid to speak her mind when around him. Indecisive and confused when interacting with him. She lacks self-esteem. Her love language is words of encouragement, which is none existent with JR.

Sgt. Braggs- Caucasian Male or Female (40's) hard to please and satisfy. He's hard on detective is his unit, especially Det. Murray and Det. Stevens. He's one tough cookies to crack. He speaks his mind and at times he can be very hurtful with is words.

Shawaakaatima- African American woman (40's) mother of Jabarie. Loving and caring mother. Supportive and involved in her son's life.

Business owner of a beauty supply store. Fun and happy personality.

Shorty B- Latino male (teen) Quite young man, Part of Jamelle's organization. On the streets to make some money. Average drug dealer. Minds his own business.


Tatyana- African American girl (5-8 years old) Happy and jolly little kid

Ciara- African American woman (late 20’s) Love’s her daughter with her whole hurt

Sasha- African American woman (40's) Recovery addict. 10 years sober/clean. College Student at night, custodian during the day. She's struggling to make ends meet. She loves tough and hard with Xavier. Current life situations are tempting her to return to her former life style.

Taylor- African American teen (17-19) years old. Senior in high school. Q's younger sister. She's very

independent and determined to make her on way in life, after losing her mother. Q is her legal guardian

and he's tough on her at times. She finds herself at odds with her brother daily and she's determined to 

prove she's no longer a little by any means. She wants to be a gown up fast!    

Jasmine- African American woman (21-29) years old. Meechie's girlfriend for 3 years. She's a trap queen

and his trusted partner in crime.  Even though she's committed to Meechie, her loyalty  

Ms. Jordan- African American female. 40-50 years old. Full figured woman. Happy and spiritual woman of GOD. 

Old school parenting style but she has a soft spot for her daughter Teresa. Bestfriend of Shawaakaatima.