Jabarie - Young African American man. Early 20's.  College student. He's very outgoing and community driven. He has a big heart for his community and he plans to open a business in his community after graduating college. Big Smile and Full of Love! 

Erica- African American female. 17-22 years old. Slim build. Bubbly and happy. Naïve and comes from a stable

household. Born and raised in the suburbs. Very proper and well put together young lady. She has never hung in 

the hood but she's fascinated with street dudes and rappers via television and movies. She's college bound and determined to be a nurse. Her fascination for the street life becomes her kryptonite. She's a sucker for tattoos and muscles. 

Wanda- African American. 40-50 years old. Jamelle’s mother. Homeless and struggling with her 20 year addiction. She want to be free and delivered but the stress and guilt of life has her weighed down. Depressed and Troubled.

Poppa- African American male. 40-50 years old. Jamelle, Xavier and Jabarie’s father. In his early years he was convicted of a crime and sentenced to 25 years in prison. Being recently released from prison Poppa is seeking to make things right between he and his sons, three sons whom have never heard of each other but are destine to meet each other on the streets of Kila’Delphia.  Very positive and patient. 

Derrick- 19-22 years old. Jabarie's bestfriend since pre-school. Very, very positive guy. Loves the Lord and he's very honest. Smart guy academically. College student. 

Big Boi- African American male. 30-40 years old. Tall in height. He's business savvy and he's operate one of JR's business and assist with his street cartel. Smooth individual but yet street and very watchful.

Xavier-African America male. (20's) Shy young man. Awkward and a loner. Always having to prove himself. The underdog. He's an amazing Athlete. Living in poverty. Mother is a recovering addict who's enrolled in school. He doesn't have the best attire.

Samantha (NEWS REPORTER)-Woman age 25-35 years old. Very articulate and confident. Great news anchor demeanor.   

Pastor Viola- African American woman. Age 45-60 years old. Strong woman of faith. Fearless and focused. A force to be reckoned with on the streets of Kila'Delphia. Huge heart for the people. Never afraid to speak thus said the Lord. Always looking to be a servant for the people. Huge community supporter. She doesn't have a church building. The streets is her sanctuary.

Q- African American male (late 20's/ early 30's) Jamelle's 3rd in rank on the streets. Q is a gangster in his mind but a student in heart. He's involved in the streets because his best friend Jamelle run the blocks. He's the connect between Jamelle and JR. He's not really tough, he's just a good dude to be around. Well dressed and clean guy.

Sepulveda- Woman (in her late 20's early 30's) Very beautiful to the eyes. Body is well put together. Very nice woman but afraid and timid when it comes to her man, JR. Afraid to speak her mind when around him. Indecisive and confused when interacting with him. She lacks self-esteem. Her love language is words of encouragement, which is non existent with JR.

Tessa- woman (30's) She's Sepulveda's best friend and Kemp's girlfriend. She's money driven and nothing else matters. She's willing to play the part of the girlfriend/ trap queen, as long as the price is right.

Taylor- African American teen (17-19) years old. Senior in high school. Q's younger sister. She's very

independent and determined to make her on way in life, after losing her mother. Q is her legal guardian

and he's tough on her at times. She finds herself at odds with her brother daily and she's determined to 

prove she's no longer a little by any means. She wants to be a gown up fast!